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The Five Finger Pitch: Creating “ANIMUS”

My thought process in conjuring characters and imaginative scenarios are considerably creative and original, but when it comes to an attempt to write the first chapter of a planned novel – my writing turned out to be shit. I aspire to become a writer and struggle to start and stick with a project in self-publishing a book, but that goal flopped. Another dream cast into the wind.

Thank you to the private company that brought Future Learn with the support of over a 100 partners worldwide. I scoured the internet using Google Search until I came across a free two-week course: An Introduction to Screenwriting.

Week One

First assignment: The Five Finger Pitch.

Developing the Basic Storyline Using “The Five Finger Pitch” Method

No one likes to read a dull pitch which led most completed works being added to the slush pile. This is where brainstorming starts by breaking one story in mind and listing the five basic and brief elements aka “The Five Finger Pitch”.

  1. GENRE: The story’s genre.
  2. PROTAGONIST: A quick character context describing the main protagonist. Names aren’t much help here.
  3. GOAL: Describe what the character wants. A goal.
  4. OBSTACLE: What trouble prevents your character from “getting it”.
  5. IMPORTANCE: What is important? Give some reasons to be excited about the story or ways in which can make this particular story specific and interesting.

An Average Joe Strays Away from the Slums and Into the Ring

Sports anime are gradually growing in popularity and recognition. One of the newly released 2018 series that is considered a not-miss is MEGALO BOX; an anime adaptation and commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the manga series of Ashita no Joe.

The series is produced by the studio TMS Entertainment, also known for the long-running anime series, Yowamushi Pedal.

Directed by Yō Moriyama
Written by Katsuhiko Manabe
Kensaku Kojima

Image result for megalo box

Taking the original Ashita no Joe to the next level by creating a new re-envisioned story with added renditions of the original characters. EX: The main character of Megalo Box dons an altered appearance that differs from the unique character’s design from the original series that started in 1969.

In this new series, licensed citizens are authorized to live in the city while those that are unlicensed reside in the outskirts, the slum town. Megaloboxing is a favorite sport that many enjoy, a sport where boxers fight with metal frames that made their attacks lethal.

Megalo Box’s hero, Junk Dog, an unlicensed citizen. A young man who fights in illegal underground brawls with a fixed result whenever his coach directs him to lose in exchange for payment. One evening, Junk Dog almost crashes his motorcycle into the head of the Shirato Group, Yukiko Shirato. Accompanying Yukiko is her bodyguard and a top-ranked Megalo Boxer, Yuri. Junk Dog picks a fight with Yuri, and in response, Yuri shows up at the underground ring the next day and accepts Junk Dog’s challenge from the previous night. The result of that first fight left Junk Dog unsatisfied as he becomes more determined to fight Yuri in the ring again. Eventually, he made a compromise to the fixed result which led his coach to persuade a mob boss to assist Junk Dog by forging a recently deceased (murdered) citizen’s identification and rewriting it under the name Joe; in order for Junk Dog, now Joe, to participate as a contender and climb the ranks in the Megolo Box tournament, Megalonia.