Mary Kay Botanical Effects

I made order arrangements with my local Mary Kay consultant, Res; I intended to only purchase a body spray and eye firming cream, but then I chose to order a new set of skincare products to help hydrate my skin and giving it a healthier appearance.

Mary Kay Botanical Effects skincare is hypoallergenic and free of fragrance and synthetic dyes. A simple regimen infused with botanicals to bring out skin’s healthy radiance. Depends on the skin type, there are different sets to choose from: Formula 1 for dry skin, Formula 2 for normal skin, and Formula 3 for oily skin.

I purchased the Formula 1 set to rid dry, flaky skin (it’s also suitable for normal skin). Formula 1 has flaxseed and sea kelp extracts, which are known sources of fatty acids important for moisturization.

Mary Kay Botanical Effects Skin Care Four-Piece Set – Formula 1

After the first week of usage, twice a day, my face became supple and smooth to the touch, my pores are less noticeable, my skin feels refresh after each cleanses, and the regimen doesn’t irritate my skin.

Frank would occasionally stroke my cheek in an affectionate manner and immediately noticed the difference. He was surprised at how smooth my complexion felt then decided to rub his prickly stubbles against my face.

Below I have listed the organized order of using the Mary Kay Botanical Effects:

  • Cleanse – gently cleanses without stripping essential elements from the skin. Wet face first before applying cleanser to skin with fingertips and normally I would wash my face with this in 10 seconds or less. Pat your face dry with a clean towel after rinsing off cleanser.
  • Mask – this gently removes impurities, exfoliates to improve skin’s texture, and replenishes hydration so skin looks smooth and feels renewed. Can also be used as a scrub or leave on for 10 minutes before rinse.
  • Freshen – a nondrying formula that removes excess residue to restore skin’s natural balance. Comes in a spray bottle and requires using a cotton ball. I spray some on my fingertips and gently apply.
  • Hydrate – help maintain skin’s moisture level. The instruction calls for applying Hydrate to the face upwards.

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