Synexdra, the Castanic Valkyrie

I am on TERA’s NA server in Tempest Reach. – Synexdra


In the beginning, Synexdra was marooned on the Island of Dawn after a dispute with traveling merchants; apparently, she freed an (adorable) Popori after the pup was caught rummaging through a cargo of fruit. She was granted help by the kindly Islanders after she rescued the Popori, they offered her temporary shelter until she was able to save enough silver pieces to travel back to the mainland by flight.

One day, the Argons attacked the Island of Dawn, they brought forth havoc and death, leaving the Islanders in devastation, many innocent lives were claimed after the raid. Synexdra and along with many soldiers put in a hell of a fight, giving it their all in an attempt to fend off the enemies, forcing the enemy Argons to retreat. During a rescue mission, Synexdra desperately searched for a little girl, a human child who had taken a liking towards Synexdra. Regardless of winning the last battle on that island, in the end Synexdra failed to save the child in her hardest effort…

Finally, Synexdra shortly departed for Southern Arun with a newfound aspiration to end the war, preventing any more tragedies from occurring. She then arrived at the capital city, Velika, where Synexdra unhesitantly enlisted to further assist the Federation in their fight against the Argons.


Often quiet, she normally talks when she is spoken to. A Castanic is prone to be opportunististic and quick-tempered, so it’s not at all uncommon that Synexdra can come off as impatient, preferably getting things done quickly, yet sufficiently. Synexdra is fast and merciless with a glaive; hence, her reputable role as a Valkyrie which she takes great pride for. Her most overuse choice of words in battle is, “Kill now, talk later.” Synexdra has a strong admiration for equally fierce mounts, but also possess an undeniable weakness for the cure appearances of the Popori race.


Synexdra has silver-white hair and wear light, natural makeup. She is described as pretty but gets easily embarrassed by compliments addressing toward her appearance rather than her skills in battles, because of that Synexdra chose to wear shades most of the time.


Synexdra shares a friendly acquaintanceship with a female Castanic wanderer, Jelena. Many times she declines Jelena’s flirtatious pursuits; however, Synexdra does express interest toward Elleon Kubel like many other female admirers.

Synexdra meet up with Elleon in disguise.

Note: This character is at level 45 as of now.


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