Sorry, the Second Lover/Husband Spot Goes to Captain Levi

As cliche and mainstream as it may sound – I do share a common adoration toward Captain Levi (Shingeki no Kyojin aka “Attack on Titan”) alongside the millions of female fans worldwide. Beating out the main character, Eren, for the number one spot on the official Attack on Titan most popular character – Levi Ackerman is the definition of badass when it comes to slicing out titans and the hearts of female fans, young and old.

Spoiler Alert.

Who is Captain Levi?


A fan favorite supporting character, thanks to a very large female fan base. Levi Ackerman is a thug-turned-soldier in his 30s. His backstory originated from his upbringing in the underground city where he was conceived by his mother, a prostitute, who passed away from a disease contracted possibly from a client. Levi was taken in by Kenny Ackerman at a very young age and was taught how to behave and survive since the underground city is notoriously known to be inhabited by criminals and paupers. After Kenny taught Levi eveything he needed to know, Kenny abamdoned him after witnessing Levi won his first street brawl against an adult at knifepoint.

Levi then fend for himself for a good period of time before he teamed up with his two (deceased) companions: Farlan Church and Isabel Magnolia. The three joined together to obtain citizenship to live above ground which required joining the Survey Corps to steal documents that they were instructed to retrieve during the expedition outside of the wall which resulted in the loss of Levi’s two closest friends.

Levi has the capabilities to defeat multiple enemies in the limited time that require more than one person or a group to handle a single titan. There are speculations that his incredible speed and strength originated from the Ackerman family lineage. It was implied by Kenny Ackerman’s grandfather that only the Ackerman’s and the Asian clan that resided within the walls were immune to memory alterations by the First King.

Levi is recognizably short, but he does wish that he’s a bit taller (according to the creator); being 5’3″ and occasionally insulted for his lack of height despite his title as “humanity’s strongest”; regardless, his lack of height and small frame shouldn’t be underestimated because under that shirt is a powerhouse.

“What’s so hot about him? Ooooh! ❤ 

Levi has steel blue eyes with dark circles. His uninterested stare and piercing gazes is unquestionably alluring in a mysterious way. Levi comes off as intimidating and quite frightening to some characters, but he is very reliable in any difficult situations. Despite his gruff, brutish manners – Levi deeply cares for his companions.

Levi rarely ever smiles and mostly seen with an expressionless face; however, when he does smile sincerely, that genuine smile of his might as well end wars and cure cancer.


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