GOTH by Otsuichi

Available in print & Kindle eBook.

If you’re a fan of dark drama and mysteries, this is a must-read.

Otsuichi (Hirotaka Adachi) is a Japanese writer of horror short stories and a filmmaker. His writing debut began when he was in high school, before later receiving recognition for his major works: “Goth” and “Zoo,” both adapted into comics and feature films.

GOTH was first published in Japan by Kadokawa Shoten in 2003 and by 2008 – TokyoPop licensed the novel (as well as the manga adaptations) printed in North America and translated by Andrew Cunningham. Viz Media republished the novel in 2015.

The novel begins with a recent murder that drew the equal attention of two morbid high school students and classmates; an unnamed boy (the main character and narrator) and a girl, Morino.

The nameless boy, described as appearing socially accepted and popular by his peers at school, but kept his fascination for murders and sympathetic understanding for serial killers a secret from everyone, excluding Morino. Throughout the multiple short stories, he and Morino undergo investigations together, privately, then later (either one or both) meet the serial killers; instead of turning in the murderers they let them go freely without reporting to the authorities. The boy openly expresses thoughts of his own dark fantasies, most involving how he or another should claim Morino’s life in various of ways.

Regardless of the characters being young high school students, GOTH will leave readers wondering what to expect next and when will the main character make his move…

Awards: Goth won the 2003 Honkaku Mystery Award.


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